FunmiTrends Worldwide Lunches its Blog’ App

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    FunmiTrends Worldwide

    Lunches its app for its Users and Team Members. This is a good way to keep up with the updates as we publish.

    Advantages of Downloading our APP

    1. Post Alert for new Post as we Publish.
    2. Easily Comment on Post that interest you.
    3. Easily Share post to friends and other contacts.
    4. Easily download audio files with the use of the three dots in the media player.
    5. Easily Stream and Download Videos from the Videos Tab. [Downloadable Videos Only]
    6. Easily Contact Us Via the pages section.
    7. Easily View our team page via the pages section.
    8. Easily Stream Our Radio APP [Future add-on]

    We do hope you enjoy the app and if you notice glitches or any problem of the sort, please do report to or Via our contact page.

    Thanks For Trending with us.

    FunmiTrends APP

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