A glorious, blazing sun » YNaija

by Arit Okpo

Woke up feeling grey… Spirit itchy… upset and not sure why. I take the time to think through it and realise my spirit is chafing a bit. Realise that I am again circulating my life around others, and of course, that is not who I am. 

I am connecting with the thought that I sacrifice a lot of my personal independence, my sense of self, my innate rightness. 

I am used to shrinking, to being the one who makes space. I am used to stepping back so that others can shine, but that is not what I am here to do. I am grateful for the discomfort that reminds me that I am trying to shrink into spaces that I have outgrown. 

I choose again not to allow myself be defined by others – because people tend to define others according to the parameters that they are familiar and comfortable with – whether or not they fit. I reject the definitions that do not empower me or resonate with me.

I am so used to being a moon,  I am grateful to be reminded yet again that I am indeed, a glorious, blazing sun.

I am grateful for it all.

PS: Culled from my journal entry of January 2019.

*Arit Okpo is the Host of CNN African Voices and TIERS Untold Facts. She is a Child of Grace, A Lover of People and an Unrepentant Lover of food.

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