Ademola Adeshola David allegedly assaulted his girlfriend for switching on the television in their house without his permission.

According Sahara Reporters, this was confirmed by a source who said that the Kano Pillar’s star and his anonymous girlfriend have a son together and that their relationship has been turbulent ever since she discovered his infidelity.

“There is this lady he always calls and he keeps claiming that she is his friend despite the fact that he keeps chatting to her with love messages. He promised to stop texting her but he never did,” the source said.

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Recent drama started she begged David to babysit their child while she ran a quick errand. “She told him to look after their son while she went out quickly but he refused,” the source said.

Adding, “When she called again to notify him of the location of the house key, he told her to stop calling him as her call was unimportant. He came back and they didn’t speak overnight.”

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“On Wednesday morning, he dropped money on the table for her to cook but she didn’t touch it. When he came back in the night, he asked her if she cooked and her response was nagative, he asked her to take their son to his mother,” a move the source said the victim resisted due to the boys e-learning curriculum.

“On Thursday, she switched on the TV to watch a programme but he switched it off and went out. His son wanted to watch cartoon, so his girlfriend put it on again which angered him upon his return and he pounced on her with a belt. He vowed to do more,” the source said.

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Photos of the injury suffered by the lady:

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