Here are 5 signs you are dating a toxic Partner.

The thing about dating a toxic person or been friends a toxic person is that it rarely starts toxic. Here are 5 signs you are dating a toxic spouse.

In the beginning, he was so sweet and so into you and now it seems like everything you do is wrong and you are the source of all his problems.

But maybe you are just been way too sensitive. Is it really you or he is a toxic person.

  • He always wants to be right Arguments can be a good thing in a relationship, they give you room to work together and get through a problem together. But it needs to be you and him against the problem not you against him.

The toxic person has little empathy and can’t see things in your perspective. Everything you say is interpreted as an attack and so launches a counterattack, and this gets nowhere.

  • Everything is your fault one of the signs of an emotionally mature person is that they accept responsibility for their action. An immature person believes they can do no wrong. If you have a problem in the relationship, it is your problem.

If you are upset about something it’s because you are too sensitive or you are expecting too much from the relationship or you are been unreasonable.

If a guy can’t or won’t see take responsibility or try to see your perspective to issues then that is a huge red flag and you should get out now. The deeper you get into the relationship the harder it will be.

  • you feel like you are working on eggshells Do you feel like you need tiptoe around him for fear of waking a sleeping giant. Do you feel like you just have to fake a smile and bear it rather than bringing something up and going to war?
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These are all major signs that you are in a healthy relationship. If you can’t express yourself and express your needs then what is the point.

  • He puts you down A toxic partner is the opposite of a supportive partner. Rather than him lifting you up, he’s always cutting you down.

He brushes off your accomplishments or downplays them, making you feel stupid. He may out rightly insult you or insult in a way where you quite don’t know it is an insult.

“You are not as hot as the girl’s I have dated and it’s a nice change.”

  • He won’t work on it All relationship takes work, the work should come from both side.

If a guy says everything is fine as it is or you are too demanding and he doesn’t need to change that is a red flag. What you should look out for in a man is if he’s willing to and committed to making it work. If you don’t have that then you can’t have anything.

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The truth is that no one is fully emotionally whole. Working on yourself is a process bit there isn’t an endpoint. When you feel like you have gotten to an endpoint, something else comes along and reap open old wounds for you to deal with.

It is easy to fall in love with the potential of what could be, but you need to look at who he is now, be honest, or you would risk opening yourself to a lot of hurts.


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