Parental Pressure On Children’s Career Choice

This article will be solely on Parental Pressure On Children’s Career Choice and we all need this sort of information especially in the African countries for example NIGERIA.

These days, about 80 per cent of secondary school graduates, especially in the cities seek higher education. That, therefore, brings to focus on the issue of career choice and pursuits.
Parents, traditionally want the best for their children. So, they seek to influence or pressurize or even persuade their children to study particular courses, either so that a family tradition or identity can be projected or so they will have a greater sense of fulfilment in referring to their children as practitioners of some Noble professions like medicine, law, engineering, architecture, etc.

In pursuit of either objective, the parents become overbearing, sometimes in nudging their children to pursue predetermined professional courses, without minding either the aptitude or interest of their children.
Indeed, there are many cases where, for instance, a child may just have his or her cognitive strength in the arts or commercial subjects; whereas, the parents could insist that he or she studied medicine, for instance.

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Some desperate parents go out of their ways to induce the child into such a course. The result is that the child, under the heavyweight of parental Pressure may just hang out there in such a course, merely dragging along, with half or no interest and with the mental capacity to cope.

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The child merely trudges through those courses even in the university, just to satisfy the ego and interest of their parents. In many instances, they dump those certificates as soon as they graduate and embrace what they truly want to pursue in life.

As children, I am sure the example of Dr SID is very apt here. He is a popular musician whose music causes a rave and stir in society. But he is a medical doctor. This must have been a case of parental pressure.
Another example is the young Ngozi Chimamanda Adichie, whose parents had also wanted to read Medicine in some foreign University. She got over there and change her course, perhaps to suit her interest and innate ability. Today she is the famous and celebrated author of award-winning books like Purple Hibiscus, Half of a Yellow Sun, The thing Around the Neck, Americanah etc.

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Of course, there are also examples of where parent-induced career choice has been successful. A ready example is the family of Senator David Dafinone, who himself read Accounting, with all of them not only being a chartered accountant but also all specializing in Taxation.

They became so successful as a family of chartered accountants in 1999, the family was listed by The Guinness Book of Record as the family with the largest number of chartered accountants.
The point must be made that no doubt, some professions are nobler than others. But it is certainly not a guaranty to a good and successful life is. How many medical or legal practitioners, for instance, are as successful or famous as some celebrated footballers or musicians today?


What it is therefore required is for the child himself or herself to recognize his or her potential, where he or she has strength and acumen. The Guidance Counselor along with the parents would then help to guide the child in boosting the innate abilities in a way that the potential of the child is maximized for the ultimate benefit of the child and his or her society.
Finally, the point must be stressed that given the dynamism of modern society, there are many professions and career paths today that do not belong to the old and so-called great professions but are so very relevant to the needs of modern society. The Telecom sector, the IT career path, geo-physics as well as financial expertise etc, are some of the new career paths that are hot and sizzling and are in great and urgent demands in the society.

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