Heroic girl kills two Taliban militants in Afghanistan

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A young Afghan girl has been cheered on social media after fighting off militants who killed her parents

Local officials said the young girl fought back militants who attacked her home with her family’s Ak 47 assault rifle. As a result, she killed two militants and injured several others. After that, more militants came back to attack the village but were beaten back by villagers and pro-government militia. However, the girl believed to be between the age of 14 and 16 and her little brother have been taken to a safer place.

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a picture of the heoric girl

Her picture surfaced on Facebook and she was praised by users with comments like ” hats off to her courage”. “We know parents are irreplaceable, but your revenge will give you relative peace.” Local media has stated that her village, Ghor, is one of the most underdeveloped provinces in western Afghan. Therefore making it a target by militants to show violence especially against women. The Taliban militants had signed a peace deal with the US since February. Many of its members still cause violence around Afghan and call for the Government to be overthrown. Local authorities say they attacked the girl’s house because her father was a government supporter. They added that her parents were dragged out of the home before being murdered by the militants.

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