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Russian Nurse, Nadia Zhukova, who went viral for wearing lingerie in a male coronavirus ward becomes a weather TV presenter.

Earlier, the Russian nurse was exposed for wearing only underwear under her transparent gown in an all-male ward. She gave her reason as feeling “too hot” to put on her nurses’ wear under the gown.

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Also, she told her manager at Tula Regional Clinical Hospital, that she didn’t realise her PPE gown was transparent. As a result, she was penalised for not complying with the uniform requirement although, the exact disciplinary actions have not been revealed.

After many politicians protected her, her punishment was revoked. During that period, politician Vitaly Milonov said:

“No disciplinary methods should be imposed on the (nurse). There was no malicious intent…I’m sure she herself was embarrassed….In no case should the girl be punished, I am sharply against this.”

Vitaly Minolov

Now, the young nurse has been offered a role as a weather presenter on her local TV in Tula but still focuses on her medical career. “It is a big thing for me. Thank you for letting me try. My parents will watch, in the evening, after work.” She said.

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Meanwhile, she received another offer as a model for a Russian Sportwear brand but rejected it.

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