8 ways to improve communication in a relationship

Guess you’ve always wondered why communication problems are so frequent in relationships? The answer is simple; we are all products of different backgrounds, opinions, perspectives, etc. and this birth personality difference.

Problem sets in, relationships suffer setback the moment we do not see values and opinions the same way, and of course, this is not possible; our perception would always differ about a lot of things. This where communication comes in, the future of your relationship is dependent on how much you can be open with your partner.

Communication is vital for a successful, stable relationship. And it doesn’t mean to make small conversations; Asking your partner how the day went was sweet, but you have to dig deeper if you want a beautiful relationship. You have to learn how to listen, talk when necessary, to enhance growth in your relationship.
Excellent communication is a key part of a successful relationship. All relationships have ups and downs, but a positive communication style will make conflict resolution simpler and create deeper and healthier partnerships. We always know how much communication is necessary, but not what it is and how effective communication can be used in our relations.

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Equally, it can make or mar your relationship because it is vital in all relationships. No matter how much you think you know your partner or how much you love him/her, you still need to communicate. Every relationship comes with its peculiarity, and you need to learn a healthy way of communicating with your partner.

Well, it no news that the internet, if filled up with rules, guides to have healthy communication, forgetting each relationship is unique. It would help if you built a particular way of healthy communication with your partner. I am not here to school you on how to communicate with your partner because you know him better; in fact, I have no idea who he/she is, but there a few basic things you should know while trying to build a healthy communicative way with your partner.

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Below are a few basic tips for healthy communication:

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Create time to talk without interruptions from people around or phone. It cannot be very pleasant when you want to have a conversation with someone, and his/her cellphone got their full attention. This does have a subtle meaning.

Be very clear about what you want to communicate. Your partner is not a mind reader or seer; they would not know unless you say, so be extremely plain when communicating.

Talk about issues affecting your relationship, be explicit with how you feel, what you want, and hey! You should not be selfish, set aside your ego, and try to understand them and see things from their perspective.

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Be a good listener, do not try to get in the way and reach a conclusion yourself.

You should look out for your tone, not raise your voice at them, and make things worse. You are having a conversation, behave that way no matter how pissed you are, raising your voice is not the right solution.

Agree to disagree, negotiate, and you cannot always be right.

It might seem hard or difficult; try to let go because your relationship is more prominent than your ego.

In all, communication is a skill, do not be too hard yourself; give yourself time to learn and grow.

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