5 effective ways to overcome insecurity in a relationship

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Insecurity is a surging feeling that you are inadequate, undeserving, etc. This is based on irrational thinking and concerns that you are not good enough to be happy and that you can never meet someone who will love you.

Nothing ruins relationships more than this; it robs you of your peace and prevents a good engagement with your partner. You would always want reassurance from your partner, stalk them, get jealous, accuse them, trust issues, and can eventually push your partner away beyond your expectation.

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People believe insecurity comes past experiences such as parents’ divorce or death, bullying, bad relationship experiences, and, in reality, these ruins beyond imagination.

In other words, your relationship can feel some of the adverse effects of your insecurity if your insecurities lead you to think negative thinking, which will then translate to negative actions. Maybe it isn’t overnight, but you know that it is all right to work through certain insecurities, whether alone with your therapist or with your partner’s love and support.

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When you start noticing traces of insecurity, you have to take action to overcome it, which:

  1. Love, accept and value yourself because no one would love you if you do not love yourself first.
  2. Raise your shoulder high and build good self-esteem. You do not need to seek validation from anywhere or anyone because you are enough, and there is no other version of you out there.
  3. Believe in yourself that anything that happens or comes your way, you come first. Likewise, it would help if you believe in yourself before any other person would.
  4. Communicate with your partner always and trust them because they love you and would not hurt you.
  5. Acceptance: know that someone would still be better than you in all ways, but no one can be “YOU.”

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