Is She into You? 10 factual signs

If you fall into the category of men who ask themselves this question, then these are the signs to show if she is into you.

Some say Men are most complicated to understand. But when it comes to women, it’s a whole different situation. It is okay to be concerned about how the person you want to spend the rest of your life with feels about you. The following signs are proof that the woman you’re interested in is also into you.

1. She’s Open with You

It takes trust to be able to tell a person everything going on in one’s life, this includes plans and family matters. She will tell you about her affairs if she feels safe with you, and she trusts you because she’s into you.

2. She Looks good for You

A woman who goes out of her way to look special or sophisticated for your sake is only trying to send you one signal_she cares about what you think of her appearance. So you would know, there are some women who are naturally concerned about what they look like before other people. That’s why is not necessarily a solid sign she’s into you.

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3. She’s Always available

If you don’t have trouble with how much time this woman spends with you, then you’re definitely with the right person. Nobody wants to spend time or hang out with someone they are not interested in.

4. She Replies Your Texts.

Research has shown that an average person glances at their cell phone every five minutes. This is either to check for texts or notifications. You may be wondering why this is necessary for this concept, and the reason is that you need to know that there’s no way someone wouldn’t read your texts within 30 minutes. The fact is, if she replies to you immediately or within 5 minutes, this means she anticipates your messages and you’re very important to her.

5. She Cares about Your Interest.

I’ve been crazy about a guy to the point that I started learning the things he liked. I also went as far as doing a research on dreads, the best styles, hair creams, people with dreads just because he had dreads on. That sounds crazy, right? But that’s exactly what i needed to keep up with him and afterwards, I ended up loving dreads.
It must not necessarily be that. If she shows interest in your favorite games, hangout place, Food, friends, and hobbies, that’s because she cares about your happiness.

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6. She’s Happy Around You

Have you wondered why she laughs or smiles too much when she’s with you?. This simply means you make her happy. And this can only be because she loves your company.

7. She’s herself

Women like to look like cute teddy bears when they are with other people; especially men. If she’s able to be herself around you irrespective of her insecurities, then she feels home with you. That is a sure sign she feels you’re right for her.

8. She gets hurt Easily.

This may annoy you, but she may not mean to. She loses control of her feelings whenever you do something she feels is wrong. You need to understand that she has high expectations because she cares about you. To summarize this, If you ever make her sober, it means you have her heart.

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9. She Gives it Her all

It could be taking a leave from her job to spend time with you or traveling hours just to see you, supporting you when you need it. But all these are signs she wants to be a part of your life. She’s into you.

10. She’s Nice.

She calls you sweet names, takes care of your needs, cares about your comfort, and how you feel. All these are signs she is into you.
There are several other signs that explain how she feels about you. But most importantly, pay attention to the simplest ones as you spend time together.

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