We live in a generation where we seem so confused. We go head-on into a relationship without defining your expectations.

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This is quite understandable though, cause numerous humans are confused about what they want and how they feel, so defining relationships or friendships can be a difficult task. 

To understand clearly how emotions work and have a good edge over it, it is appropriate to know the clear difference between love and lust, and they work in different ways.
Lust is a physical sizzling attraction while love has to do with you caring for a particular person, looking our for them, wanting the best for them but note that with love comes lust but it more of a stronger connection.

There is quite a good reason why differentiating between love and lust is difficult. Lust implies sexual attractiveness which results in sex and during this, a sort of chemical is released which gives a good feeling and sometimes can be mistaken for love. Importantly, lust is a thirst for physical connection while love has to do with your heart yearning to see your partner, be with them always.
While all shoes do not fit for love, clear differentiation of both gives you hold over your feelings.


 Here, we have five crystal differences between both.

  1. Love takes time. Lust is sudden;
    Note that love takes time to grow. It is not a feeling you wake up with, you nurture and care for it while the sudden feeling which can be related to lust comes as a result of physical appearance. Often time, the female gender tend to mix this up because they are different from their counterpart. Men think logically and know what they want without mixing things while women are emotional.
  2. Love is not selfish. Lust is about you;
    Love puts others first, think about them, and create a chance to grow and get better together. Lust is all about you because it all started with a physical attraction, so you want to take care of your appearance. Lust is only interested in sexual intercourse. You ’re in love once you consider their well-being more important than your sex cravings or additions.
  3. Love is positive and accepting;
    Lust lacks its excitement when you find the defects of the partner. Love recognizes and accepts the good and negative traits of an individual.
  4. Love is secure. Lust is obsessed;
    Lust can be immature, obsessed, selfish, and desperate. With love comes comfort, security, assurance, and peace of mind.
  5. Over time, love evolves. Over time, lust diminishes;
    Love is embodied in a connection and commitment that grows over time while lust physical attraction over time disappears. Lust feels like an internal path powered by hormonal forces and Love feels the need and the desire to attach itself with all form of growth.
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These listed differences give you a hold over your feelings and an avenue to define what you want and expect. The comment box is open to sharing your experiences.

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