8 Things Men Hate To Hear

The 8 things Men Hate to Hear have each of their explanations, as regards to how they think.

It is true how different the human brain functions, especially, in men and women. This always comes down to how less multi-tasking a man’s brain is.

A woman has so much to say, but you can not say the same about a man. That’s why a man’s brain is more receptive to the right words. Among the 8 things men hate to hear are the most common things, you say to your man.

Before we begin looking at this list, you must understand that a man cannot tell you how much they hate it when you say certain things, but it obviously annoy them and you’d wonder why. Below are the 8 things men hate to hear.

  1. “We need to talk” or “Can we talk now

This doesn’t only sound serious but also puts him in a very defensive position. That’s why you hear him respond with something like “Talk about what?” Which can eventually lead to an argument.

When you think you must talk to your man about something you feel is important, there are many ways to do that. You can tell him you need his help with something and that you feel he’s the only one who can do it. This doesn’t only make him comfortable, but also gives him an open mind; which is the best opportunity to have a good conversation.


2. “Just Admit It”

Assuming that you went to visit his family and return home feeling rejected. You ask to talk bout it but he doesn’t want to. You push until you both begin to argue, you just want him to Admit that his mother or sister hates you. It may not be exactly alike, but the facts are, “Just Admit It” is one of the 8 Things Men Hate to hear. Don’t force him to agree with something he doesn’t want to agree with.

3. “Leave me Alone”

If you feel you are not in the mood to talk about what is bothering you, its advisable to tell your partner, especially if he shows interest. Telling your man to leave you alone, is basically insulting. It only means you don’t want him interfering with things that matter to you.

4. “You should Have Known”

You should have known I hate pancakes!”
“You should have known I don’t like parties!”

Whatever it is he should have known, don’t just say it to him that way.
Thank him for trying and appreciate how thoughtful he was for doing what he did. Then remind him you don’t normally like it.


5. “You Don’t Remember?”

Discussing “13 Signs you’re in a Toxic Relationship”, we listed “He forgets” as a sign. And we also looked at the possibility of a man forgetting important dates and activities, due to how busy he is.
And before we began the 8 things Men Hate to Hear, we looked at how different the wiring in the man’s brain is. That is why you should expect your man to forget certain dates and events that may have occurred. You can remind him by bringing up a conversation so he can take note.

6. “I’m too Tired”

Now, you had a long day and doubt you can meet your man’s sexual needs, but you wonder why he can’t see that.
Telling him you’re too tired doesn’t make the stress go away nor does it convince him to lay off. That only makes him feel rejected.
You may or may not know how much stronger you are with control compared with a man. This is enough reason to try and tell your man you need to sleep in the best possible way.

7. “Why are you Distant?”

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You may be overthinking why his behavior has changed. But, “why are you acting up?” “What’s wrong?” are too many questions for a man who’s dealing with difficult situations.
If you somehow notice he is not acting naturally like himself, ask specific questions like; “Is it because of the Rent?” or “Have you been overworked?” and so on. Requesting an explanation for why he is sober only makes the situation worse.

  1. 8. “Do you really need that?”

As much as a man needs a smart and resourceful woman by his side, he does not want you to be his Mother. So, try not to act like one. Allow him to make his decisions, especially concerning how he wants to spend his money or manage his finances.
If you think there is a need for advice, offer it. Suggest something you think would serve him better and give him reasons why you think so, that way he would gladly embrace it and be proud of you.

These 8 things men hate to hear listed above aren’t all that is. But there are the most important to pay attention to if you want to build a happy and peaceful relationship.

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