Developers have announced Ethereum 2.0 ‘Final’ Testnet before Launch

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Ethereum 2.0 developers disclosed the specifications for the “official” testnet on Wednesday, before the presumed end-of-year launch. The testnet began on August 4th and has been titled “Medalla” after the Buenos Aires metro stop.
The testnet is still operated by a decentralized faction of programmers listed by fork coordinator Afri Schoedon.

This means the network’s codebase is closing for launch as investors, and developers have started to throb for the multi-year project’s release.

ETHEREUM 2.0 researcher Justin Drake formerly declared a unilateral feat to get the early component of the network, shipped before the year’s close due to pushback on a later date.

Medalla organized numerous introductory tests of ETH 2.0’s code bank on various client implementations, including Görli, Witti, Schlesi, and most recently Altona.

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“The Schlesien testnet was one of many steps in that direction. The Witti testnet was another. The Altona test net is yet another. The Medalla testnet aims to be the final one prior to the main net launch.” Said Schoedon during the testnet GitHub on Wednesday.

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Clients by Prismatic Labs (Prysm), Pegasys (Teku), Status (Nimbus), and Sigma Prime (Lighthouse) have partaken in all the current tenets. All four clients, including Chainsafe’s Loadstar, have the proficiency to join Medalla, according to GitHub.

Each testnet, also, has chosen to practice or concentrate on various parts of ETH 2.0’s launching sequence, provided the huge technical challenges related to pushing an operating blockchain network onto an entirely new consensus algorithm.

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In the case of Medalla, the testnet was focused on boosting the event for moving ether (ETH) over to the new network in what is called “staking.” As explained by Schoedon:

Medalla as described means “medal” and can be recognized as a connection to the Olympic testnet that was utilized to prepare the ETH1 launch. It underscores the significance of the network at this phase toward the ETH2 launch.

It can likewise be seen, as an indication that Medalla validators will obtain a proof of attendance “medal” on the Ethereum network for participation.

Developers have announced Ethereum 2.0 ‘final’ testnet before launch by disclosing guidelines for “attachments” detailed with $5,000 bounties, for stress testing the network. The attachments will assist the completion of each client’s specification – written in different programming languages – before launch.

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Developers of Eth 2.0 have pushed for a multi-client delivery of the project due to lessons acquired from the recent Ethereum network. The primary network launched with few implementations but evolved to be overseen by only one, Geth.

“Based on the current progress of the different teams my guess is that it will replace Altona and be live in early September,” Quantstamp CEO Richard Ma explained in a private message. “That allows for three months of final testing before launch. Medalla is the final pre-launch network”.

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