Benue governor Samuel Ortom ~ We have failed Nigeria as its Leaders

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Samuel Ortom the Benue State Governor, scolds the Nigerian government, saying politicians and the political institutions have failed Nigerians.

Gov. Samuel Ortom, was speaking on Wednesday August 12, during the International Youth celebration held at new banquet hall, Makurdi.

According to Samuel Ortom and we quote:

Let me say here that the leaders in Nigeria have failed, me inclusive. It Is a big shame to us leaders, we must ask for forgiveness from God. And I implore you that you shouldn’t take after us. Greed is a big challenge. The path we are toeing is the wrong one for us. There is a challenge.

The rule of law is selective, there are sacred cows that cannot be touched, even if they do bad things, they cannot be touched. People steal billions and they are allowed to go scot-free while those who steal chickens are jailed.

Gov. Samuel Ortom

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