Make Him Love You More, Do these things

Men are not emotionless or the hard heads they appear to be. That’s why doing the simplest things make them enjoy being with you. I will explain below how to Make him Love you More.
If you have been wondering how to make your partner love you, even more, these simple things are a solid start. You can make him love you more by just following the steps below.

Step #1_Compliment Him

Are you wondering why this is first on the list? The truth is Men, love Compliments too. He may not care much about how he looks when he throws on his shirt or his jeans, but he also loves to hear how effective his Masculinity is on you. Tell him how Hot or Handsome he looks when he gets a hair cut, or when he puts on a suit. It doesn’t always have to be when he’s seriously dressed, letting him know he cleans up well in whatever he puts on ignites his confidence.

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Step #2_Be Appreciative and Thankful

When you take a look at the word Appreciation, what comes to mind first is expressing gratitude to someone for something they have done, right?
But in this case, we’re looking at the opposite. Don’t get all confused yet! What I am insinuating is that you DO NOT have to WAIT for him to DO SOMETHING for you before letting him know how grateful you are.
Appreciate him for being him, and let him know how lucky you are that he’s in your life. That is one hell of a way to make him love you More.

Step 3_Express Your Fantasies

As much as this is not a winner among how to Make him Love you More, it is furthermore important.
We all know that a man generally likes to be in charge. Similarly, it is amazingly impressive to him if you can take charge behind closed doors. This is the reason you must learn how to spice up things in the bedroom to be able to pull this off. Introduce things you have never tried, let him enjoy every moment he spends with you.


Step #4_Be Supportive

Recall that we discussed how to avoid acting like his mom in our previous article “8 Things Men hate to hear”.
The fact still remains that, he wouldn’t want you ordering him around. This is to say, it doesn’t matter if you are unable to give him what he needs when he’s going through a difficult time. Beside a successful man is a strongly supportive woman.
Become the arms he rests in and a helper when he faces challenges. Be encouraging by giving him reasonably good advice that is sure to get him through those hard days.

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Step #5_Give More Credit than pointing out wrongs

Make him love you more by proving to him that you don’t care that he makes mistakes, no one is perfect.
Remind him of his achievements and the good things he has done. Making him feel like he is the baggage of mistakes would only put him down. Praise the effort he put into making things better and let him know how hardworking he is.
And remember, someone who knows how to love himself can love you better.

The above steps to make him love you more are not the only ways, but the most valuable and most effective.

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