TOP NIGERIA SLANGS: Opor Yee-Yee, Mafo & More.

TOP NIGERIA SLANGS: Opor Yee-Yee, Mafo & More discussed below.

Nigeria slang can be funny and less complicated when you understand it. Although not all Nigerian speak this language or even understand it most Nigerian does. READ MORE AFTER THE CITY VIEW.

Most of this popular slangs can be ‘Ehen’, ‘ nawoo for you’ etc
Here are the tops slangs in Nigeria

  1. Marlians: This is one of the trending slang. The word heard in one of the popular Nigeria singer, Naira Marley. It means someone who is not timid or afraid.
  2. Mafo: first of all used and originated from the bible where the Lord said FEAR NOT, FOR I AM WITH YOU, doubt this google the passage or look it up in your bible. Mafo Means, do not worry about a thing.
  3. Opor / Yee-Yee: Used to appreciate situations, success and abilities.
  4. Kuku kill me: This slang is mostly used when out of excitement. It does literally mean’ kill me’. It is used to express joy or satisfaction from something funny.
  5. Joor / Jor: it is a Yoruba slang meaning ‘Please’. Help me joor_ Help me, please.
  6. Ginger me: This slang could mean to motivate someone or make someone feel Good.
  7. Tear eye: To be exposed early or to be streetwise.
  8. No shaking: It is a slang used to give someone hope. It means Don’t be afraid or worried.
  9. Yawa don gas: The secret is finally out or there is trouble.
  10. Waka: It can mean different things like ‘Go’, ‘travel’ or ‘go away’. Example ‘make we waka na’- Let’s Go. When this word is doubled like..Waka Waka_ it means someone who walks around a lot and won’t stay one place.
  11. As e dey hot: it could be ‘ to be fast’, to be current or do things when it is the right time.
  12. Form: The slang means ‘proud, arrogant, or try to impress. Example- All these rich people too dey form.
  13. Kishi / being broke: This two slangs means the same thing. It means ‘No Money’. I dey broke or I no fit buy that cloth, I no get kishi.
  14. I don hammer: it means he/she has made it or have achieved that which he/ she hopes for.
  15. Bone face / Bone am: This slang has different meaning.. ‘to ignore someone’, ‘to be angry or frowning’
  16. Burst brain: To impress you, or do something that interests you.
  17. Jack: This slang is mostly used by students. It means to study very well’ Example- Exam is coming to make I go jack.
  18. Mugu / maga: This slang has the same meaning. It is usually used for people who is not clever and smart enough. Popular saying: Maga don pay.
  19. Yab: This is an insulting slang in a jovial manner. ‘ she can yab someone’ or ‘let me yab her small’. It means someone who can say what is in their mind in a friendly or jovial manner yet insulting.
  20. Bad belle: When someone is called bad belle, it means a jealous person or who is not wishing them good. Example: That girl na bad belle.
  21. I go change am for you / warn yourself: It is a warning. This slang means Be careful or I will deal with you’
  22. No pour sand for my garri: As funny as this slang sound…it means don’t spoil things for me or cause commotion for me.
  23. Fall my hand: When someone says you have fall my hand It simply means’ Am disappointed or you have let me down.
  24. Over-sabi / I too know: A word use for someone trying to show off and intimidate or impress others by their knowledge. Example- please keep quiet over-sabi housewife.
  25. Aproko/ Amebo: Ahh, this is a popular slang. It is used for someone who gossips a lot or gossip itself. Example: come let me give you amebo.
  26. How far na: This is the most popular slang and it could mean many things. ‘ How are you doing?’ , it can specific unfinished business. Example ‘How far with the money or with the sort? ‘.
  27. Ajebutter / Ajebo: means someone soft or from a rich family who haven’t suffered in life.

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