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Devcoms, #SafeSpaces4Youths, Importantance, Safe Spaces, Designation, #Lagos4Lpay, #SafeSpaces4Youths, Important ,Safe Spaces, Designation ,Lagos4Lpay

Devcoms: [#SafeSpaces4Youths] Importantance of Safe Spaces, Designation & Continuity – #Lagos4Lpay

Why are Safe Spaces Important? In many places around the world Children & Youths lack safe and accessible public...
Kingdom Heart 3, 80+ hours of content, game, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Kingdom Heart 3 will have 80+ hours of content

The highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3 is already shaping up to have more than enough content to please die-hard...
Tesla opens model 3 orders, design and order,order your model 3

Tesla opens model 3 orders.

Tesla The new model 3 cars may roll out by winter. Following the reservation period initiated years ago, Tesla has opened...
FPFRIDAY Life Planning young people make responsible healthy choices

#FPFRIDAY: Life Planning; young people Should make responsible and healthy choices

Ajani Bless Me (Ms.) was hosted on this edition of FPFriday. Ajani Bless-me, an unrepentant advocate of young people's access...
president buhari breaks ramadan fast

President Buhari breaks Ramadan fast with Kunle Afolayan, Sound Sultan, others

President Buhari This evening, broke his Ramadan fast with BBNaija's Tobi Bakre, Sound Sultan, Kunle Afolayan, Tania Omotayo. President Buhari breaks...
waschepoint Wasche Point leads modern day laundry Perfect expression of the NEW LAGOS, Wasche Point, modern day laundry, Perfect expression of the NEW LAGOS

@waschepoint: Wasche Point leads modern day laundry; Perfect expression of the NEW LAGOS.

WASCHE POINT the leader of modern day laundry; so says The ace Entertainment Consultant himself sleeq2dabone who also goes on to...